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About Us

Sky Island Alliance is a grassroots organization dedicated to the protection and restoration of the rich natural heritage of native species and habitats in the Sky Island region of the southwestern United States and northwestern Mexico.

We work with volunteers, scientists, land owners, public officials, and government agencies to establish protected areas, restore healthy landscapes, and promote public appreciation of the region's unique biological diversity.

In the mid-1990s, Sky Island Alliance pioneered landscape-level conservation planning by integrating the science of conservation biology with grassroots organizing and on-the-ground restoration. With our partners, we put together the first comprehensive regional conservation plan for this magnificent landscape: the Sky Island Wildlands Network. By engaging a broad coalition of scientists, land managers, and citizens to create this science-based conservation blueprint and then implement it, we “connect the dots” between conservation planning and conservation action.

Since 1991, Sky Island Alliance has become a leader in conservation policy, grassroots organizing, and achieving on-the-ground results throughout the Southwest. What makes us successful is our unique combination of citizen involvement, science and field expertise, and policy know-how.

Sky Island Alliance is a 501(c)(3) tax exempt organization.

"Getting big things done"

Protect and restore native species, healthy and diverse ecosystems, and natural evolutionary processes in the Sky Island region.

Protect and restore wildlife movement across the landscape (connectivity) and reduce barriers to wildlife migration (landscape permeability).


Increase public understanding and appreciation of the Sky Island region and develop a land ethic and sense of place among the region's residents to support our broader vision for conservation.

Guide land planning processes to ensure conservation based land management.

Secure Wilderness, National Conservation Area, and other protective designations by federal, state, and local governments.