Aljira, a Center for Contemporary Art

  • NJ


591 Broad Street
United States

About Us

Aljira is a center for contemporary art with a mission to support and encourage emerging and under-represented artists in New Jersey and the region. It is a forum where ideas are validated through highly innovative contextual exhibitions, critical dialog, structured and unstructured learning opportunities, and discussions on contemporary art and art practice.

As the leading contemporary art space in New Jersey, Aljira is fully aware of its responsibility for enhancing public knowledge, increasing art appreciation among young people and promoting the visual arts. Ensuring access to art, art education, and art practice remains the core component of Aljira's relationship with its constituents.

Aljira's commitment to community, diversity and the need for the visual arts and art education is strong as is evidenced by its history. Over the past 17 years, Aljira has achieved an unparalleled level of recognition given its location, size, budget and number of staff.