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About Us

With their drive and creativity, Maker companies already have a profound impact on society through the products they invent. Although many such companies already give to nonprofits, corporate giving has remained steady at 2% of GDP for the past 30 years. Through our strategic partnerships, we want to increase that percentage. Via our partnership with the Social Good Fund, Makers4Good matches Maker companies and their products to nonprofit organizations with related missions. Through these partnerships, nonprofit organizations receive not only funding, but also increased awareness and visibility.

Once we pair Makers with like-minded nonprofits, those Makers donate 100% of profits from a specific product to their partner organization. To raise more awareness for this partnership, the nonprofit can reach out to their members directly and also on their Web site. The nonprofit organizations gain valuable donations and new publicity campaign for their cause.

In order to encourage this process, Makers4Good works with Maker companies to help them identify targeted ways for them to give back. We also work with interested nonprofits to identify their product needs. We help Maker companies and nonprofits come together, seeking out potential partners and assisting with the development of ideas and products.