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About Us

Who is Worldhealer?

Worldhealer Inc. is an emerging non-profit organization run by young professionals and students, both American and foreign born, who have joined together to work towards a world where no human is lacking the basic essentials for a decent life. Basic essentials include food, proper shelter, simple education and other things generally taken for granted. Founded in Santa Barbara, California in early 2009, Worldhealer strives for social, economic, environmental & behavioral change across the globe.

Local Works Designed to awaken interests through the study of various cultures and societies, the Global Awareness Clubs (GAC) and Community Culture Series (CCS), emphasize multicultural diversity and awareness of international issues. GAC and CCS are open to all age groups in the Southern California area and create the first step in the process of developing an understanding of our role in a rapidly expanding and truly interconnected world. These programs will offer opportunities for individuals to give back to the community on both local and global levels, thereby forming the healers and leaders of the following generations by involving them in mentorship programs in the clubs aimed at younger age groups.

Global Works Worldhealer plans to work in developing areas of the world supplementing educational and nutritional needs for underprivileged individuals to improve their socio-economic circumstances. Our pilot project is Estúdio – Brazil: The Maresias Project which will take place in the beach communities of São Paulo, Brazil. Worldhealer has chosen this area for the pilot project because of its unique demographic and proximity to the city. Implementation of Studio, in the municipality of São Sebastião, will not only benefit those less fortunate, but will also improve the quality of life for the middle and upper class population in these beach communities. Worldhealer, Inc. envisions Estúdio – Brazil: The Maresias Project to be the model for many more Studio projects all over the world.

Do your part to heal the world

Every gift you make helps Worldhealer implement positive change in the lives of people around the globe. Your gift today will make an impact that lasts longer than a lifetime.

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