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About Us

Spark is a non-profit philanthropic network. Established eight years ago, Spark has 10,000 young professional members who have invested over $1,500,000 in grants and services to 136 grassroots women’s organizations around the world and in our chapter regions in New York and The San Francisco Bay Area. Spark is an internationally recognized leader in the philanthropic engagement of Millennials and men’s engagement in women’s rights.


Spark’s mission is two-fold. We aim to increase the overall investment in women’s organizations around the world and we aim to increase the number of young people who give to women’s causes now and plan to he long-term.


  • We believe that investing in innovative, grassroots, women-led organizations can transform communities.
  • We believe that investing a combination of money, time, and connections can have catalytic results.
  • We believe that the aggregation of small gifts can have an impact on seemingly intractable problems.
  • We believe that those addressing women’s equity and human rights should be diverse.