Footsteps Child Care, Inc.

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374 El Camino Real
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About Us

Our mission at Footsteps Child Care, Inc. is to provide infants, children, youth and their families, quality programs in a safe, nurturing and enriching environment, through caring and professional staff and family involvement. We believe that children learn and develop new skills through a variety of play experiences. 

We believe children need a chance to exercise, relax and have freedom of choice. Our curriculum is based on this philosophy and includes a variety of both group and individual activities (structured and non-structured), geared to age levels and ability. We strive to assist children in creating and maintain a positive self-image, and encourage children to take responsibility for themselves. It is our goal to provide parents/guardians with the knowledge that their children are responsibly cared for by an experienced staff of child care professionals in a safe, healthy environment, where their children's emotional, social, and physical needs are met.