Fundación De la Calle a la Casa A.C.

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About Us

Fundación de la Calle a la Casa A.C. is a non for profit organization that certifies private animal shelters in Mexico as "responsible shelters" and supports them by providing in-kind donations, food for dogs and cats, which are generated thanks to our partnership with Croquetero ( a company that sales premium brand pet food and donates a share of all its revenue to shelters certified by our organization.

The certification process carried out by De la Calle a la Casa considers parameters focused on day to day operation, internal practices and policies, with the objective of distinguishing and identifying shelters that have a viable project in order to be certified by the foundation.

As part of our day to day operation we:

  • Identify and register animal shelters (dog and cat) with a survey regarding their population, policies and operation.
  • Create an electronic file with all the oficial documents of the certified shelter
  • Delivery of donations certified by a notary public
  • Surprise visits to monitor the consumption of the food
  • Collection of empty packages (marked)


  • Certify pet responsible animal shelters and support them with their needs in order to improve their day to day operation.
  • Promote responsible pet ownership within the Mexican society to decrease pet abandonment and losses.


  • To be an credible leader in Mexico, to civil society and public institutions, with regards to responsible animal shelters certification, providing support to meet the needs of these shelters, and promoting responsible pet ownership in our society, in order to improve community life and respect towards animals.