Stone Soup Leadership Institute

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33 Bullocks Point Avenue
East Providence
Rhode Island
United States

About Us

For 20 years, the Stone Soup Leadership Institute has worked alongside those on the front lines of climate change, social justice and economic equity. From inner cities to rural islands, we developed eight youth and community leadership initiatives, convened 13 global youth leadership summits and issued numerous reports on youth leadership development. The Institute’s book and curriculum, Stone Soup for the World: Life-Changing Stories of Everyday Heroes (Pan Y Vino Para El Camino), has been used by over 120 communities around the world to inspire people to to address economic, environmental and social challenges of the 21st century. We've synthesized lessons learned and developed a grassroots model to train local leaders, exchange innovative solutions and build resilient communities. 

We hosted 13 Sustainability Summits to cross-fertilize best practices that address the UN Sustainable Development Goals. We organized 13 Sustainability Tours to see first-hand the fragility of our eco-systems and discover innovative solutions. We've developed three Sustainable Vision for 2020 Reports: presented to Hawaii Governor for President Obama for Climate Preparedness & Resiliency; at the Walter Cronkite Awards Ceremony on Martha's Vineyard. We've represented at sustainability events including Secretary of State John Kerry's Ocean Summit: 2014. We've developed Sustainability-In-Actions Projects.

For its 20th Anniversary, The Stone Soup Leadership Institute is launching the TouchStone Leaders Platform to scale our work globally. The Platform lights the way for a new generation of leaders.