Pals Around the World

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About Us

PALS AROUND THE WORLD is a 501c3 nonprofit and series of educational books that help the earth and children around the world before connecting kids.


MY LITTLE SPANISH FRIEND - the next book in the Pals series is scheduled for release near the end of 2012 - while we continue to search for funding and development for the remaining Pals countries developed for the series.

Company Overview

PALS AROUND THE WORLD is a series of celebrity and educationally endorsed children's books teaching love, peace and unity in the world and the importance of giving back to help children and the environment. Each book is based on a different country, with a chance for children to connect to their very own pen-pal. As a newly formed 501c3 nonprofit in 2012, we share our educational program and books with schools, libraries and related charities aligned with making the world a better place for our children.


Pals Around the World is currently working with educators and historians for creating more picture books in Ebook format while we search for funding to help our grass roots organization grow. Each Pals book is based on a different country and each Pals book shares the same balance of information told through the eyes of a young boy or girl particular customs, cultures, site-seeing recipes followe...See More

General Information

$2.00 from the sale of Hardcopy Pals books goes directly to Children International who has historically lead the United Nations Youth Day League every August in DC. Hardcopy books are donated throughout the year at various schools and charities that help children and the environment.