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About Us

“PEOPLe” is an acronym that stands for “Projects to Empower and Organize the Psychiatrically Labeled.” PEOPLe, Inc. is a peer-run 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization that advocates for and provides services to people living with mental health diagnoses. Being a peer-run organization means that we employ staff with lived experiences similar to the individuals that we serve. This can constitute a whole range of activities, from operating peer support groups, to helping to coordinate community services for individuals in need, to working as an integrated part of the traditional health care system.

As a consumer-run agency, the efficacy of our services is measured by the ability of consumers to move on to the next aspect of their recovery. We practice recovery-based approaches to treatment including the development of Wellness Recovery Action Plans (WRAP).

PEOPLe, Inc. also advocates for the transformation of the mental health system at the local, state, and Federal levels to improve how we as a people serve individuals in need. At PEOPLe, Inc. we believe that recovery from mental illness is a real possibility, and that more individuals could recover from even the most serious mental illnesses if they have access to treatments and supports tailored to their individual needs.