New Foundry Ventures

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901 Mission Street
Suite 105
San Francisco
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About Us

New Foundry Ventures is a laboratory for scaling social enterprise. We believe that for social enterprise to have significant impact on poverty and jobs in America, it must be re-imagined on a much greater scale. Our goal is to create and support the next generation of social enterprises that improve the well-being of low-income individuals and communities.

Our efforts grew out of the work we began at Rubicon Programs nearly 25 years ago, starting and operating social businesses such as Rubicon Bakery and Rubicon Landscape Services. Initially incubated within Rubicon Program, in 2009 New Foundry Ventures became its own separately governed 501(c)(3) nonprofit. Our team is focused on developing innovative social enterprise models that fundamentally change how social problems are solved, and use market forces to achieve this systemic change.