Garfield Charter School

  • CA


3600 Middlefield Rd.
Menlo Park
United States

About Us

We, the staff and parents of Garfield School, believe that all children deserve the best education possible, regardless of their economic background, primary language, previous education or academic and physical ability. We accept all children that enroll at Garfield Charter School as part of our own community, and it is our professional and personal goal to provide them with an enjoyable, successful learning experience. We know, however, that even with a rich, inclusive curriculum, students' academic success can be limited unless their physical and emotional well-being is provided for as well. Consequently, we have developed a Charter School that will ensure students' health, safety and contentment so that they can excel in their academic and intellectual growth. We believe that the changes initiated by the Charter School will more effectively allow us to meet these needs and enable us to strengthen and enrich the education and services we already provide. We believe that with the Garfield Charter School