The Club for Boys

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320 North 4th Street
Rapid City
United States

About Us

Our Mission The Club for Boys is dedicated to providing positive experiences that develop self-esteem and character in a caring, safe, and fun environment for all boys.

Our Vision The Club for Boys is committed to helping all boys meet their needs today so they can fulfill their potential tomorrow.

Our Services and Programs:

  • Arts and Crafts – The Club has a fully functioning workshop that offers creative opportunities for the boys in woodworking, plastics, painting, making mosaics, and other hobby crafts.
  • Education – The Club’s library, tutors, homework help, summer reading program, and computer lab form the core of the education program. Each boy is encouraged to go to the library to complete homework while he is at the Club.
  • Individual Services – Boys and their families who can use some extra help with basic needs such as food, clothing, and household necessities can get this help at the Club for Boys. Guidance is also offered in referrals to other agencies to secure housing, counseling, education, and rehabilitation.
  • Meals and Snacks – The Club has a kitchen and staff of cooks who daily prepare snacks and meals for the boys. During the school year, an after-school snack and dinner are offered each day and during the summer, the Club serves breakfast, lunch and snacks. The meals and snacks are free to all boys. Over 76,000 meals and snacks were prepared by the Club in fiscal year 2011.
  • Outdoor Activities – The Club is fortunate to own a cabin on the Deerfield Road in the Black Hills were fishing trips and camp outs take place all year long. For many boys, this is their only opportunity for such outdoor adventures. In addition, a large outdoor area surrounds the Club for Boys making it possible for a variety of playground activities and walks in Memorial Park and along Rapid Creek.
  • Recreation and Socialization – Billiards, bumper pool, carpet ball (available only at the Club for Boys), marbles, ping-pong, board games, four-square, seasonal parties and special events offer the boys a chance to socialize, make friends, and have fun. The Club has opportunities each week for boys to earn tickets through winning contests, doing good deeds, helping out, etc.; at the end of each week, boys can select a prize from the Prize Store base on the number of tickets they decide to spend.
  • Special Interest Groups and Club – Older Boys (ages 12 to 17), Juniors (ages 10 and 11) and Younger Boys (ages 6 to 9) each have a separate clubroom so they can get together for developmentally appropriate activities. These activities include field trips, Midnight Madness basketball, movies, discussions, and special interest groups (collecting things like sports cards and comic books, chess and checkers clubs, community service club, etc.).
  • Sports – The Club has two gyms, one for older boys and one for younger boys. Teams are organized into leagues for basketball and football. Wrestling, soccer, ice hockey and baseball area also part of the sports program. Dodge ball, tennis baseball, and other games are played outside on the large playground at the Club.

The Club for Boys Code I will show my love for God in the way I treat my family, friends, and fellow members. I will show respect for our flag and our country, which has given me my freedom. I will show my gratitude for our club by displaying fair play, honesty, sportsmanship, and respect for the staff, club equipment, and my fellow members in all that I do. I will show kindness to others and will expect them to show kindness to me. I understand my membership depends on my ability to live up to this.