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40 Rector Street
9th Floor
New York
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About Us

The Urban Justice Center's Safety Net Project (formerly the Homelessness Outreach & Prevention Project) combines direct legal services, litigation, research, and policy to achieve economic justice for low- and no-income residents of New York City. Founded in a burned-out building in East Harlem in 1984, the Safety Net Project has since grown to include six free, frequent, and easily accessible legal clinics located in established community-based organizations throughout the city anchored by our Lower Manhattan offices.

Staffed by a team of experienced attorneys, advocates, researchers, and support staff, our project provides direct legal representation to New Yorkers experiencing problems with Public Assistance benefits, SNAP (Food Stamp) benefits, and DHS Shelter Application denials for homeless families and adult couples. We also assist clients with appealing unfavorable Fair Hearing decisions and with emergency rental assistance, and provide general legal advice and referrals regarding other legal issues outside of our practice area. In addition, we engage in affirmative litigation, research, and policy advocacy in order to enact systemic change.