Hester Street Collaborative, Inc.

  • NY


113 Hester Street
New York
United States

About Us

Hester Street Collaborative  (HSC) is  a  participatory  community  planning,  design and  development  organization  focused  on  the  equitable,  sustainable  and  resilient development of  underserved  communities  throughout  New  York  City  and the US. We offer technical assistance and capacity building to community-based organizations, private firms and government agencies on land use processes, neighborhood planning and design, and public and private community development projects.

Our mission is to provide people with the tools they most need to determine the shape of their built environment. HSC seeks to create more equitable, sustainable, and vibrant neighborhoods where community voices lead the way. We pair our skills and expertise as architects, urban planners and designers with a deep understanding that the most successful plans and development projects are founded in innovative and inspiring community engagement.