iLEAD International School

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About Us

iLEAD International School is a high quality International School working only with high qualified and passionate staff. The curriculum and programs we offer are also of the highest quality. It is our goal and mission to work together with community to achieve an excellent level of social and academic development of children. We have created an elite learning environment to ensure each student gets the guidance they need. Our school consists of small class sizes, which allows our teaching staff to spend extra time with each student as well as preforming proper evaluation.

At iLEAD International School we believe that education is achieved both at school and at home, so we feel that is best done by working with each parent and offering constant feedback about your child’s development as well as website access that allows each parent to track the progress of their child. Our website has a “Parents Corner” that is updated regularly. We also conduct parent teacher conferences four times a year.

iLEAD International School is a social enterprise. It also functions as a centre of training and resources for the teachers of the free-of-charge rural community preschools that Aide et Action Cambodia runs as a part of its early childhood care and education program. All profits generated from the school are contributed towards sustaining and expanding the rural community preschools. The goal of iLEAD International School’s centre of training and resources is to provide access to and improve the quality of education that is delivered in Cambodia’s remote and poor communities.