Magic Hospital

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About Us

MAGIC HOSPITAL's mission is to foster the physical and emotional well-being of sick, handicapped, neglected and abused children by creating and implementing therapeutical activities We want to instill the confidence and self-esteem in every child, that he/she is worthy and entitled to laughter and his/her place in this world.

Realizing the lack of support programs for children in the Chinese hospitals we began to implement a support program of weekly activities for the young patients, established clown visits, art workshops and english lesson.

This pioneer project was launched in March 2003 in Beijing Children's Hospital, the second largest children hospital in the world. Over the last 8 years we have expanded into hospitals, migrant schools and orphanages around Beijing with fun, educational, volunteer-led programs

Our current programs include Outdoorsy Days, Storytelling and Art. We welcome volunteers of all ages and backgrounds to help with the planning and implementation of our programs.