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Kenosis Foundation (KF) is a not-for-profit organization and registered (Reg # 166/2013-2014) on 29th June 2013, under Sec.7 of the Indian Trusts Act 1882.  We focus on rural areas and support women and the children of widows, single moms, abuse victims, victims of physical harassment, and disadvantaged, underprivileged and the economically weaker sections of society. Our head office is located in the city of Bangalore, Karnataka State, south part of India.


We identify and work for causes ranging from child welfare, education, economic empowerment, creating employment opportunities, health and hygiene, life skills education, rural toilet building, and women's empowerment.  Kenosis is committed to breaking the cycle of poverty in rural India.

To promote efficient and effective giving that provides greater opportunities to the poorest of the poor, living in extreme poverty, by providing the tools necessary to step-by-step, break the cycle of generational poverty in India.

A world without poverty, patriarchy and injustice in which every person enjoys the right to life with dignity.

As a value-led organization, we stand for many things, we run on essential values such as:

•    Being Responsible –for oneself and society. We live to create a safe place, peace and harmony;

•    Constantly Innovating – the methodology and approach to develop remote communities;

•    Providing a Trusted Service – serving all without discrimination of colour, religion and language;

•    Dignity – my rights, your rights, and for all of us!

•    Striving for Awesomeness – inspiring youths by being a part of making the change;

•    Inherit and foster other cultures – fostering, empathetic listening, living in the present with compassionate hearts;

•    Sustainability – individual and in the community through constant economic empowerment,

•    Passion – for the development of human dignity;

•    Accountability and transparency- for resources and the utilization of funds for designated purpose only.


1. Microcredit Projects for rural women groups
2. Education sponsorship for Underprivileged Children
3 After School Program in rural communities
4. Computer Training Centre in rural areas
5. Youth Employment Programs
6. Rural Toilet and Napkin Distribution Projects

India is a fantastic destination for anyone seeking a truly unique and new experience. India offers it all - from some of the world's most impressive natural biodiversity in its bustling, productive cities. Going abroad is a learning experience; however, it does not need to be difficult! Our goal is to help make the process as easy as possible. There are many exciting options; why not combine two of our programs to give you a well-rounded view of this fascinating country?  We have both short (min 2 -4 weeks) and long term (above 5 -24 weeks) programs all year round.  All of our programs are affordable, safe, secure and stress-free. 


•    Orphanage work

•    Teach English

•    Teach Computer and IT skills

•    General Childcare

•    Youth employment

•    Tutoring and Coaching

•    Special needs children

•    Building and Renovations

•    Assist Teacher in Schools

•    Solo and Group Volunteering

•    1 to 2 weeks Volunteering


•    General Nursing

•    Electives for Medical Students

•    Women’s Empowerment

•    Counselling and Psychology

•    Nutrition and Health

•    Public Health and Medicine

•    Journalism Internship

•    Media and Communication

•    Micro-finance Internship

•    Microcredit Project

•    Intercultural and leadership


1. Location of Project: Bangalore City, Karnataka State & rural district of Krishnagiri, Tamilnadu State, India.

2. Project Length: Min2 weeks – Max 12 weeks

3. Arrival Airport:    Bangalore International Airport (Chennai and Mangalore airport are the nearest and Delhi Airport is a connects flight to Bangalore)

3. Number of Participants    Solo or group of 5 - 10 international volunteers.

4. Age    18 – 70

5. Age Exceptions    All our projects accept volunteers who are 17 years old and younger with a letter of consent from a parent or guardian.

6. Visas    You must apply for this program at least 2- 3 months or at least 1-2 months in advance in order to have enough time to get your visa processed.


•    24 hrs Assistance and support from KF Staff
•    Comprehensive Pre- Departure kit
•    Project fixing and Placement
•    Project pre and post Orientation
•    Airport Pickup (Bangalore International Airport)
•    Accommodation
•    Food (3 meals a day)
•    Emergency medical supports
•    Certificate of Participation (on request)


•    International Airfare,
•    Visa fee,
•    Passport
•    Airport Drop- off
•    Travel insurance,
•    Bottled Water
•    Eating Outside
•    Local Sightseeing and Excursions entry fee
•    Bank transaction charge as applicable
•    Internet and Phone calls and
•    Police criminal check (if required)


This is a FAQ on our Volunteer website! However, KF isn't like any other recruiting agency or company, which works on profit making.  We are a not-for profit Community Based Organization, and also not a funded organization till date. We really rely 100% on volunteer’s supports only. Just like if you were at home, there are basic living expenses, such as food, accommodation and transportation and so on. The administrative cost is too high to pay volunteers or staff we hire. Therefore, Community Based Organizations like us cannot afford to pay for your living expenses - even if you are working for free.


Our Pricing includes one-time registration cost and actual costs at the location. Average actual expenses are in the range of US $ 22-  US $ 50 per day basis. All of our prices are in USD and weekly basis only. Compared to other organizations, we are very low and affordable with fixing program prices to everyone.  We would be happy to provide you further discounted costs for a group of 5-10 in a group travel.

For additional info about the program costs and info, please visit our website before you apply with us.


There is a US $ 160 fee for all volunteer applications and a US $ 180 fee for an internship placement, this is not included in the overall program fee, as it is used to cover registration and processing expenses for your stay. 

If so, you may pay the reservation fee of US $ 395. This fee is included in your total program fee, although, it must be payed 120 days prior to your program start date. The remaining dues can be paid 45 days prior to your departure date from your home country.  Upon making your advance payment, your placement is assured. If you do not make the requested reservation fee before the required 120 days, you will need to pay both original  application fee and program fee.  


As said before, in order to avoid or skip application fee, you can always reserve your seats by making US $ 395.  Your confirmation before 120 -60 days with an advance payment helps us to organize and fix your project, Airport pick-up, food and accommodation, local project transportation, and so on.


After you pay the reservation fee of US $ 395, you must pay the rest of the due amount at least 45 days prior to your departure from your home country. A delay or failure to make a full payment will lead to cancellation of your application. Although, we will provide a refund of your reservation fee of  US $ 395 after deducting an administration fee, as per the program cancellation policy.  


Unfortunately, we currently do not have our own infrastructure where we can accommodate you and provide food. We hire a room for your food and accommodation from local vendors or local host families according to the project location. By making your program payment, we reserve your food and accommodation with local vendors or host families.  This is why we request you to pay at least 120 days prior to your departure and the rest of the dues at least 45 days prior.

You can transfer the money once your application is successfully processed for eligibility criteria. We will then guide you to transfer your money safely.  Upon your payment, we will send you the receipt of your payment and the copy of the receipt will be maintained in KF head office, Bangalore, India for the future referral, accounting and auditing purpose. We are open and transparent in sharing information related to your funds received and actual expenses.


A) Accommodations: 
You may stay with one of our host families or in our shared volunteer house, depending on your project location. Living and adapting to Indian systems will immerse you with Indian culture, enabling you to learn to live anywhere in the world. We offer volunteers an opportunity to not only visit India, but experience its culture and enjoy a new way of living.

B) Food:
You will be provided with 3 meals a day on weekdays and 2 meals a day on weekends. The meals are a mix of Western and Indian foods, consisting mainly of vegetarian foods, including rice and vegetables. You can expect to have a chicken dish about twice per week. You can also use the kitchen facilities to cook for yourself or eat out at any of the local restaurants. However, dining outside is not covered in your program fee.

C) Laundry:
You can wash your clothes by hand if you’d like. There are public laundry services also available for an additional fee. Although, must volunteer opt to wash their clothing by hand, as local women enjoy and take pride in teaching the skill.

D) Internet:
Wi-Fi and Internet access may or may not be available at the volunteer center or your host and guest house. If not, you can always buy an Indian SIM card, a monthly package to access internet on your mobile phone. You may also access wifi at the local internet cafe. 

•    Basic or good English

•    Updated CV / Resume in English

•    Must be 18 years old and up

•    Letter of consent from a parent or guardian, if under 18

•    Internship students must submit relevant field of certificates

•    Full travel and medical insurance

•    High level of independence and emotional strength

•    Immunizations (please consult your local travel clinic)

•    Motivation to work with rural and urban projects

•    Ready to travel anywhere


You should apply to any of our projects at least 2 - 3 months before your chosen start date, in order to ensure that you have enough time to obtain the proper Tourist visa.  The visa process is lengthy and can take up to 2-3 months.


If you are ready and have decided, write an email at with a brief introduction about yourself, full name, age, education, professional experience (if), prior volunteering experience (if), your future volunteering project, your expectations and send along with your updated CV in English, and photocopy of your passport to Kenosis Foundation, our head office, Bangalore city, India. We will get back to you within 2 working days.



If you have any questions, you can call us at (+91) 99007-24842.

You may also e-mail us at We pride ourselves on responding to email inquiries quickly, usually on the same or the following business day.

•    India (IN)  Mobile 
+919900 724 842
•    WhatsApp
+919900 724 842 (Volunteer with KF-India)

•    Skype Video Chat and Call


Kenosis Foundation (KF) is a not-for-profit organization and registered (Reg # 166/2013-2014) on 29th June 2013, under Sec.7 of the Indian Trusts Act 1882.  We focus on rural areas and support women and the children of widows, single moms…

Areas of Focus Include

  • Children & Youth
  • Community Development
  • Education
  • Health & Medicine
  • Volunteering


# 102/11, SR. Apartment, Door #: 01, Chikka Adugodi New Ext, Taverekere Main Road, Bangalore City, Karnataka State, South India. Postal Code: 560 0068., Bangalore, KA 560068, IN