Opening Possibilities Asia


United States

About Us

Opening Possibilities Asia (OPA) is an apolitical organization, founded by recent university graduates, committed to creating and providing educational and employment opportunities to Burmese youth inside Burma. We are frustrated by the international isolation and neglect of Burma and we forsee investment in Burma's most precious asset, its children, for any instrumental and promising change in Burma's future. OPA is managed by a group of passionate volunteers who envision bottom-up change in Burma through education and empowerment. We make annual visits to Burma to foster community relations, administrative efficiency, effective teaching (via group and content centric lessons), and empower students and teachers through presentations and fun activities at charitable Burmese schools. We are financed by private donations and foundation grants. 100% of OPA funds are utilized on project creation and implementation.

We seek dedicated and informed volunteers to help us with website design, video-editing, and teacher training curriculum creation.