Martin School of Public Policy and Administration

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About Us


The Martin School at the University of Kentucky offers four graduate degree programs: Master of Public Administration (MPA), Master of Public Policy (MPP), Master of Public Financial Management (MPFM), and PhD in Public Policy and Administration.  We also offer joint programs for MPA/JD and MPA/PharmD.  Note: The MPFM is offered 100%  online.


U.S. News Rankings Best Graduate Schools 2017: #25 Overall, #4 in Public Finance and Budgeting, and #28 in Policy Analysis.

National Research Council: Ph.D. program ranked #4 (tied) and #11 overall in the rankings of programs in public affairs/policy/administration.

Program Description

At the Martin School, we are dedicated to preparing leaders and producing research to improve lives, communities and organizations throughout Kentucky and across the world.

Our professional degree programs launch students into careers with public, private, and nonprofit organizations prepared to confront the important and challenging issues facing our cities, states and nation.

Our master degree programs in public policy, public financial management, and public administration combine learning and practice, as students apply theories and ideas from the classroom to solve real-world problems during internships and capstone research projects. Furthermore, we design the programs to sharpen students' analytical and communication skills - vital tools for effective leadership. The public financial management program is offered 100% online and is designed to provide the same quality education as our on-campus programs. 

Our doctoral program in public administration provides the multidisciplinary training in economics, policy, finance, and organization theory essential for academic and research careers. We encourage you to discover our programs and the career opportunities they introduce, as well as explore the possibilities the University of Kentucky's campus offers. Envision a graduate education with impact in your future? We invite you to apply for admission into our community of learners, practitioners, and leaders.

For those looking to make an impact through the public or non-profit sector, we offer a recognized, interdisciplinary, professional education. We encourage you to apply for admission into our community of learners, practitioners, and leaders.