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About Us

On the aftermath of the 26 December 2004 devastated tsunami and 28 March 2005 massive earthquake in Nias, several organizations in Nias have brought up an idea of the establishment of Non-Government’s Organization Forum (NGO Forum) to their concern. The idea was based on the needs for a better cooperation and synergized efforts amongst Civil Society Organization (CSOs) to respond to Nias future development. However, it was far from realization due to organizations’ intense workload and different interest at the time. Moreover, as the urgency of the importance of the Forum grew stronger, several serious collective attempts were made. Through series of limited discussions and individual contacts, eventually the Forum was established on 10 March 2007 at a meeting held at Museum Pusaka Nias, initiated by seven Nias local civil society organizations: Yayasan Datafahea PGI Daerah Nias, LPAM Nias, LBATANI, LKM Ebeni Haezeri, Yayasan Pusaka Nias, Yayasan Holi’ana’a and Wahana Samaeri. The name Forum Peduli Tanö Niha (Forniha) was then concluded on the next meeting. Forniha, stands as a pluralistic, independent and non-profit organization, held its first Steering Committee meeting on 30-31 May 2007 in Gunung Sitoli and has set up points on some important issues, such as organization’s charter, formed the Steering Committee member, appointed Executive Director and Project Board, and also arrangement about Notary office document of FORNIHA. Since the inception, FORNIHA has attracted enthusism from many local parties to join the forum and the free discussions it held. On 2008 Annual Meeting, through a transparent screening process, FORNIHA decided to accept two local organizations, ELSAKA and Bindes, as its new member. On 2010 FORNIHA accepted two more new members, Yayasan Asioga and Yayasan Tomosa. Currently, some of the member candidates are still in the waiting row for the verification process. FORNIHA was established on 10 March 2007 in Gunungsitoli and was registered on 8 June 2007 with Notary office document No.7 Year 2007 VisionA. To actualize Nias society which are independent, democratic, and prosperous. B. Mission To promote the vision of Nias development through priorities in Education and Training, Research, Advocacy, Networking, Mediation, and Publication. Main Business:D. 1. Capacity Building Focusing to organization level and community groups, the activities have reached 400 beneficiries, produced 240 local facilitators in 60 villages within 17 sub-districts and four districts in entire Nias island. FORNIHA currently has its own Facilitator Resources Group, the first ever formed in Nias. More information on FORNIHA’s profile, programs, and membership can be accessed through (recently in the process of repair because have sabotage). 2. Advocacy FORNIHA focused its campaigns on Good Governance issues and the implementation. The implementing partners are: LPAM, ELSAKA, L-Batani, and Wahana Samaeri. 3. Networking FORNIHA has developed internal and external communications with three lines of partners: Government,international and local NGOl 􀂃 Organization Member 􀂃 CSOs (including 240 trained facilitators from local CBOs) 􀂃 4. Gender Mainstreaming In activity of development of capacities CSO, role and function to equivalence gender also become one of indicator to support the program - program [done/conducted] [in] society. Where in every activity done by FORNIHA of involvement or representative of women become one of priority. So far FORNIHA have owned 79 people of Facilitators woman (not including besides Staff and in concerned [in] Management FORNIHA), including issue gender as one of items in Training of Society Enableness and involved active in campaign of woman’s right and involvement and gender mainstreaming.