Sustainable Harvest Rwanda

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About Us

Sustainable Harvest Rwanda is locally registered NGO that trains in coffee agronomy best practices and connects smallholder coffee producers to the the broader coffee market. The organization believes in transparency, innovation, inclusion, and - most of all - good coffee. Our hands-on support includes agronomy training for women in both Nyaruguru and Kayonza Districts, including both cooperative members and individual farmers who are not affiliated with a cooperative.  

Our objective is to give women access to the entire coffee value chain, from crop to cup, through Sustainable Harvest's Relationship Coffee Model, which brings these smallholder producers to the discussion table with exporters, importers, roasters, and coffee baristas not only through our trainings, but also through an annual conference called Let's Talk Coffee. 

The ultimate goal is to increase transparency through a vertically-integrated organization that grows, processes, roasts, prepares, and sells coffee within Rwanda. Profits from the Sustainable Harvest Roasting project will be used to continue coffee agronomy training.