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About Us

The main objective of our charity is to generate a social change in vulnerable communities of the city of Medellin (Colombia). The urban region of Medellin is in fact one of the areas that have been more strongly affected by the Colombian civil conflict and the city is one of the main national reception areas for internally displaced people. We work for the improvement of the life conditions of the victims of the conflicts and of people coming from violent sectors of the city and the region of Antioquia imagining sustainable solutions to empower the weakest social subjects. The purpose of the charity is to contribute to the defence of human and environmental rights, to create sustainable productive units that produce a long-lasting change and give to people an alternative to join the criminal groups that are active in the city. Looking for the point of intersection between environmental positive changes and social development, our charity promotes the respect for the environment and for all human beings educating people to take care of their own social spaces in an exercise of positive appropriation of communal spaces. Moreover “Corporacion Alianzas” works to create a network for the integration of different public institutions and charities to realise common initiatives for the wellbeing and happiness of selected communities.

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