The Registry for War Crimes, Organized Crime, Economic Crime and Corruption, BiH


Kraljice Jelene 88

Bosnia and Herzegovina

About Us

The Registry for Section I for War Crimes and Section II for Organised Crime, Economic Crime and Corruption of the Criminal and Appellate Divisions of the Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Special Department for War Crimes and the Special Department for Organised Crime, Economic Crime and Corruption of the Prosecutor’s Office of Bosnia and Herzegovina (hereinafter: the Registry) was established on the 1 January 2005 following the agreement between the High Representative and the Presidency of Bosnia and Herzegovina in December 2004. Its mandate is two fold:

• To provide the Court and Prosecutor’s Office with the material, professional and sustainable capacity to investigate and prosecute crimes against humanity, war crimes and genocide arising out of the 1991 – 1995 conflict, as well as organised crime, economic crime and corruption. • To ensure that the legal process established within the justice sector meets national legal principles and international standards of fair trial and due process of law.

The Registry is a non-profit, diplomatic institution. It employs judicial and administrative staff.