SchoolBOX Inc

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73 Bridge Street
Unit 201
Mississippi Mills
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About Us

Education is a basic human right. For many of us this right is a reality that we cherish both for ourselves and for our children. There are millions of people in poorer regions of the world however who are robbed of the right to education. For them, education is a luxury they simply cannot afford. That reality can change. Simple, cost effective initiatives allow children to go to school. Their enthusiasm and hunger for learning do the rest.

SchoolBox is committed to supporting the right of every child to a basic education. Our organization is driven by a sense of responsibility and love towards the children, teachers and schools that we serve. Education is the best weapon that we have in the war on poverty. Every child dreams. An education gives them the skills and confidence to realize them.

We empower educators and students, and they in turn empower their communities. There is no shortage of will or capacity rather our partner schools need the materials and tools in order to function. There is no greater service than to empower a child to reach their true potential.