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About Us

Global Youth Connect's mission is to advance human rights globally through cross-cultural programs for emerging leaders, focusing on post-genocide and post-violence countries.

We believe educated, compassionate and empowered youth are the key to achieving tolerance, peace and justice. Our programs encourage young people to work together to stand up to abuses of human rights. GYC practices a holistic approach to youth education and action which is grounded in a commitment to the principles of human rights, community-building, reconciliation and peaceful resolution of conflicts. GYC is also dedicated to building the capacity of grassroots civil-society organizations.

GYC has held 30 programs in 9 countries, training over 650 youth to strengthen over 50 human rights organizations with over 650 projects, and issued over 50 reports.

GYC’s impact manifests itself not only in the future progressive lives and activities of our youth participants from around the world, but also in the human rights efforts of the grassroots organizations where our youth volunteer their time and skills, and in the actions of policy makers who get involved through our advocacy and sharing meetings.

GYC Impact​

20% of alumni have founded a Human Rights related program, organization, or initiative since their delegation.

47% of alumni currently hold jobs in the field of Human Rights.

97% of alumni say that the program influenced their career trajectory in some way.


Impact in Rwanda at the national and local government levels:

 -Positive impact on the defeat of the LGBT criminalization clause in the penal code (2009)

 -Positive impact on the lessening of punishment for the crime of abortion (2012)

 -Positive improved living conditions of Batwa community in Mubuga Sector, Karongi District (2010 – 2012)

 -Inclusion of refugee youth in the National Children’s Commission through the Ministry of Gender and Family Promotion