Toni Klein, MA: Coaching, Counseling and Advocating

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About Us

My focus is to provide children and families with support in accessing resources, information and services that will increase their access to educational opportunities to ensure entrance into high acheiving college preparatory high schools. My philosphy is rooted in my belief that all children deserve and are capable of reaching their personal best given the knowledge and support to do so. I further believe that education is central to leveling the economic playing field for low income and middle class children. It allows for access into the experiences of their wealthier peers and opens doors that are usually only accessible to members.

In today's complex and highly technological society our youth must be prepared to tackle many more issues than did generations before. A solid educational experience, not only ends the cycle of poverty but prepares youth to handle issues of self, society and the world beyond their neighborhoods. This will be of the utmost importance for the future and growth of our country and the world beyond.

Having over 15 years of experience in various educational settings; from public to charter to parochial to independent schools, I have gained a tremendous amount of knowledge and skills to support my belief in the importance of a strong educational experience for all. I am extremely passionate and committed to this end and have placed over 300 students in college preparatory high schools who have changed their lives as a result.