Ethical Encounters

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About Us

Ethical Encounters is one of Africa's expanding Social Enterprises that started as an entrepreneurial dream, which became a reality through dedication, vision and commitment. Started in 2008 by a Social Enterprenuer, Ritzer Kenie, the company has grown from strength to strength.

Ethical Encounters is a South African charitable organisation that organises travel to other parts of the continent andin doing so, aims to assist small community organisations who need resources for their own projects. A tourism that has an inclusive approach to our diverse people, a tourism that is meaningful to the disadvantaged people of Africa, and a Tourism that serves to inform visitors about the dynamism of our new democracy.

Our vast variety of Care, teaching, sports and community projects ensures exposure to the colourful heritage, cultures and traditions these countries have to offer, with the valuable benefit of making an actual, tangible difference in the lives we touch.

The life-changing experience We believe that volunteering with EE can guarantee you a life-changing experience – and that the key to providing that lays very simply in these 6 golden rules

1) Feel safe in our hands – with every new adventure comes the excitement of facing the new and unknown, and while in the real world we cannot remove all the risks, we can make sure you are never put in harm's way with us.

2) Know you will be appreciated – We ensure that all EE projects are genuinely in need of help provided by volunteers , not just destinations set up for the purposes of receiving more people. So your participation and hard work will always be welcomed and appreciated.

3) Do work that is Meaningful – Often the part a volunteer can play in a project , especially on a short stay basis, will be a small part of a much bigger initiative, but we will ensure you are shown the full picture so you can see how the role you play in that is genuine and vital.

4) Know the work is Achievable – All EE projects have set aims and strategic plans with set goals along its way, so we know how we are doing at every stage to keep the projects on track and the work achievable.

5) Sustainable work - EE ensure that all our projects contribute to long-term benefits which enable our host communities to improve their futures, not just benefit whilst volunteers are there.

6) Everybody learns a little – In every volunteer encounter, the volunteer and the local people should always learn something from each other - and we develop an environment that maximizes those opportunities.

AND We insist on having fun - Because laughter is a global language