Shining Light House for Women

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About Us

Shining Light Ministries, Inc. was founded in 2007 and is a non –profit 501(c)3 which provides a residential recovery program to women suffering from drug and alcohol addictions. Our trained and certified staff collaborates with several organizations to offer a comprehensive rehabilitation program using moral recognition therapy, behavior modifications, AA/NA groups, and positive support as well as individual/group counseling and life skills training. Our program serves non-violent, felony-level offenders whose criminal behavior is driven by addiction. We strive to curb recidivism and help our clients become productive members of society and maintain sobriety.

Since 2007, Shining Light Ministries, Inc. has provided over 67 women in our community with access to drug and alcohol counseling by utilizing Biblical guidelines and the guiding principles of the 12 step program of AA/NA. Our proven program currently serves the women of Henry County and the greater Atlanta area.

The mission of this ministry is to lead women from the bondages of drug, alcohol, and related addictions to a new life of freedom in Jesus Christ. This is to be done by establishing new, lifelong patterns of learning God's truths, forgiveness, self-acceptance, and service to others through a one-year, twelve-step process of principle-based living, bible study, and Christian fellowship and guidance.


Out of 33 women we have only had 10 residents that did not complete the 12 month program.