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About Us

The mission of Metro Denver Partners is to promote a safe and growth-oriented environment in which at-risk youth can develop and flourish through: friendship and commitment; mentoring and role modeling; education and guidance; and family support. Adult mentors (called Senior Partners) serve as friends, role models, and advocates for at-risk youth (Junior Partners) in the Metro Denver area. These mentors take the time to listen, understand, and support their mentee for the duration of their partnership. The Sr. and Jr. Partners commit to spending an average of three hours a week together; and each partnership typically lasts one year, although many continue for several years. A variety of services are offered to facilitate the relationship-building process. These include on-going case management, monthly recreational activities, life skills training for the youth, and quarterly Senior Partner workshops.

Senior Partner Qualifications • Eighteen years of age or older • Commit to mentoring an average of 3 hours a week for at least one year • Attend an Orientation and Training session • Be willing to undergo a background check, provide four references, have a current drivers license and insurance and participate in a personal interview with a case manager.

Benefits • Make a profound difference in a youth’s future • Share rewarding moments, fun activities and make a lasting friendship • Learn about the opportunities and challenges facing many youth in the community