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City of Cape Town
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South Africa

About Us

Picture the World was conceptualised in 2010, created in 2011, and able to fulfill its original goal in 2013, via the inception of the Impilo Phambili Public Health Programme. This programme has now expanded into Impilo Phambili Community Projects and Internship Programme, operating in Cape Town, South Africa, and Inizia Futuro Progetti Comunitari e Ricerca, operating in Rome, Italy. Both programmes work with underserved communities and vulnerable populations in a number of focus areas, including public and mental health, business, development, and environmental science and sustainability. A philanthropic organisation, Picture the World aims to bring international knowledge and professional experience of developing countries and those facing crises, serving refugees, women, children, the poor, the ill, and those dealing with the mental, physical, emotional, and financial repercussions of poverty and oppression, to developed-world students, graduates, and those looking for a new perspective on life. Impilo Phambili and Inizia Futuro are internship programmes, providing professional, hands-on experience, while making positive impacts in the lives of those most in need, in the communities of Cape Town and Rome. We collaborate with local organisations to bring health and improved quality of life, entrepreneurial assistance, capacity-building, development, business skills, integration, and a number of other resources to the underserved community members and refugees. The interns have the opportunity to work in one or more of these areas and are technically trained and mentored by one of our professional team members.

We offer a number of services to underserved community members and local NGOs in Cape Town, South Africa and Rome, Italy. Additionally, we offer interns a unique hands-on professional experience that bridges the gap between academia and attaining a professional career. Interns will learn very important, job-related skills via mentorship and experience. They are able to learn new skill, while strengthening those learned in the classroom and previous experiences. We semi-customize each internship to meet the goals of the interns, while providing support and guidance throughout the duration. As a result, interns learn to become excellent problem-solvers in a leadership capacity while gaining global experience in both technical and social areas of gained proficiency. Throughout their experience, interns are integrated into providing our services to those in need in the Cape Town and Roman communities, including social and anthropological research, needs assessments, statistical analyses, market research, capacity building, development and implementation of workshops, seminars, and trainings, and much more. This experiential learning and professional work opportunity operates in an integrative, holistic manner. As such, interns from different fields work together to learn many aspects of a project and organization, leading to a greater breadth of knowledge and greater management and development skills.

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