Real Life Resource Center, Inc. (RLRC)

  • MD


4703 Silver Hill Road
Suitland, MD
United States

About Us


The mission of the REAL Life Resource Center Inc. is to provide holistic programming to address multigenerational, multiracial and multicultural challenges within, but not limited to the Suitland/Coral Hills community.


Through community collaboration the REAL Life Resource Center Inc. will provide life skills development, social and academic leadership training along with economic and literacy empowerment.

As the independent yet collaborative community development arm of Hunter Memorial AME Church we will conduct the following programs:

1) Create a space for job searching and job skill training to occur as a crime prevention program. Collaborate with companies within the DMV metro area to provide certificate training and job placement. This program will also address the life skills needs of parolees, inmates on probation, seniors, the unemployed, etc.

2) Increase visibility in the Hispanic community (English being a 2nd language) through ESL and job training programs. In addition, offer a language exchange program to increase conversational Spanish among urban African American youth in the community. Work with faith-based communities to increase inclusivity in programming in Hispanic and Black neighborhoods through bilingual programming and information.

3) After Care Life Skills Preventative Program geared to Elementary and Middle School age youth, to include a curriculum addressing, but not limited to:

  1. Self-Care/Self-Discovery
  2. Financial Literacy
  3. Legal Issues/Political Issues
  4. Conflict Resolution/Problem Solving
  5. Volunteerism

4) Senior Citizen Day Program to help seniors become marketable to employers, offer job training, computer and literacy training to keeping the mind going. In addition, a craft program will be offered. Seniors will also have an opportunity to volunteer with the elementary and middle school youth to foster intergenerational dialogues.