Global Action for Environmental Stewardship

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About Us


VISION STATEMENT: People Use their environmental knowledge to engage in environmental stewardship.

IDENTITY: Global Action for Environmental Stewardship strives to protect the environment by promoting sustainable economic development in Cameroon.

WE BELIEVE:  Biodiversity and cultural diversity should be conserved and the dignity of life should be respected.  The earth’s resources are limited and we must play a decisive role in conserving and preserving them in our attempt to promote economic development.  That we think globally and act locally in our efforts to fight against climate change and Global Warming.

GLOBAL ACTION FOR ENVIRONMENTAL STEWARDSHIP strives to  Help reduced human contribution to global warming and Climate Change.  Help bring human closer to nature  Help bring more simplicity to human nature  Promote Environmental Education in attempt to combat poverty and promote environmental friendly activities. Global Action for Environmental Stewardship ensures that environmental education based on sound science and effective education practices, is used as a tool to promote and protect human health, environment and encourages students academic achievements.


LONG TERM GOALS/OBJECTIVES  Through 2012,award grants to schools and communities  Through 2012, support in-service professional development for educators.  Through 2012,support efforts to integrate environmental education into secondary and higher education in Cameroon by targeting teacher’s programs and faculty  Through 2012,support state environmental education certification programs  Through 2012, support the use of the national environmental education guidelines for materials, student outcomes, educators preparation and non-formal programs.

GOALS  Promote the use of environmental education in schools and communities to improve the quality of the environment.  Promote Research and Evaluation that assesses the effectiveness of environmental education in improving environmental quality.  Improve the quality, access and coordination of environmental education information, resources and programs. Through, continue 2012 supporting internet access to national environmental education information, materials and resources.  Promote and encourages environmental careers. Through 2012, provide fellowship programs for undergraduate and graduate students to provide research experience related to environmental studies.


Support and promote networking among its members in the domain of environmental governance.

Acts as a clearing house; for methods and instruments of environmental management, environmental best practices, and training and environmental business opportunities to the local community.

Organized and co-ordinates; conferences, seminars, experience exchange, training and technical know-how transfer in the local community.

Publish; case studies, manuals, reports, newsletters, conference proceedings and articles