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About Us

About____________ Founded in 2010, Public New Arts stems from the belief that all passionate students of art need the foundational tools to become informed and deliberate artists. In a time when funding for the arts is diminishing in K-12 schools, talented emerging artist are left with few resources with which to build.

Public New Arts, an aspiring nonprofit, is designed to provide school- age emerging artists and teachers with opportunities to exhibit in out-of-school juried shows, participate in professional practices and guided learning, and connect with the thriving art community in Philadelphia.

PNA creates an atmosphere of thinking and creating where students are encouraged to work to the best of their abilities. Process is just as important as outcome in the formative years and we help students realize the skills and focus that build an artistic identity: actively exhibiting work, experimenting with medium and content, finding the right words to express artistic ideas, and preparing a finished product for presentation.

This organization recognizes the foundation is laid when students resolve to do their best and push personal limits to complete challenging tasks. In a nutshell, Public New Arts is set to provide opportunities for students to gain artistic skills, build confidence, make connections with their peers, and understand firsthand what it feels like to be a working artists in the Philadelphia art community.

PUBLIC NEW ARTS PROGRAMS_________ Public New Arts supports Philadelphia-area art education across grades by offering art education programs designed to provide access to a variety of experiences.

STUDENT ARTIST PROGRAM The Student Artist Program at Public New Arts selects driven and talented Philadelphia-area public high school juniors and seniors and matches them with an Artists Mentor, Writing Mentor and Curating Mentor to provide a real-life artist experience, culminating in an original Art Exhibit.

FUTURE PROGRAMS Professional Training Program for Art Teachers will be set to assist passionate art educators in interesting and diverse education programming.

Student Foundation Program will invite interested high school freshman and sophomores to participate in an art education program that includes exploring problems of the studio, experimenting with multiple options, and critiquing the results. Process will be chronicled in an "Art Fair," as compared to the infamous science fair.