Second Life bikes

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About Us

Fundamentally we at Second Life bikes are dedicated to increasing the density of people on bikes. Members of our youth program may earn a bike of their own while gaining valuable practical skills.  SLB aims to provide the surrounding communities with the opportunity to purchase a mechanically refurbished bicycles, parts and services at an affordable cost while incubating an active community center where visitors themselves are empowered to repair their own bicycles.   Adults are encouraged to volunteer their time, regardless of mechanical ability. We always welcome those who would like to contribute effort to any of the various ways in which the bike shop functions from day to day.

A long-term goal of Second Life Bikes is that all participants, children as well as adults, become integral parts of the ongoing life of the bike shop, ideally learning, growing, and adding their story to ours.  Donated bicycles and parts are vital in sustaining Second Life Bikes; everything we are given is put to good use and given the chance to have a “second life.”