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About Us

Starting in 1937, Reuth helped prepare the ground for the creation of the State of Israel by supporting the community with hot meals, clothing and other basic needs. Thousands of immigrants, refugees and Holocaust survivors, who would become Israel’s future citizens, benefitted from the assistance of Reuth – or, as it was called then, Women’s Social Services. When Israel was born in 1948, Reuth was already a veteran organization celebrating its first decade of activity for the welfare of the local community.

While we are no longer handing out food on the sands of Tel Aviv, Reuth continues to support those in need and maintains its loyalty to Holocaust survivors. Our services have grown to include three senior residence homes, assisted living facilities and community day centers for the elderly. Our most important project today is the Reuth Medical Center, a 350-bed, state-of-the-art facility. The increasing numbers of elderly and chronically ill patients have become a critical health-care priority in Israel. Once again, Reuth is leading the way in responding to this growing need. The Reuth Medical Center, which specializes in rehabilitative medicine and chronic care, is the largest of its kind in the Tel Aviv area. Furthermore, Reuth has started the first outpatient eating disorder clinic, the Agam Center for Eating Disorders.