Wentworth Hospice

  • New Hampshire


9 Andrews Road
New Hampshire
United States

About Us

Wentworth Hospice is about compassionate care, providing comfort, dignity and quality of life. Life is for the living!  As long as possible!  We offer a team approach with a Physician, Nurses, Social Workers, Chaplain, Home Health Aides, Bereavement Support and a Volunteer Coordinator.

If YOU feel that need to get out of yourself and want to help others, giving to patients in Hospice can be challenging but also very rewarding.  Each Volunteer brings their own gift!  Crafts, arts, music, singing, beauticians are just a few!  Patient needs vary from needing someone to listen, to helping with lunch or filling their bird feeders. Family members often need a break and the Volunteer stays with the patient while they shop, run errand or just have lunch with a friend.  Military Veteran Volunteers are priceless to our Veteran patients; all Veterans benefit from a Veteran buddy.  What can you do?