MAPP International Productions

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140 Second Avenue
Suite 502
New York
United States

About Us

MAPP International Productions is a performing arts producing organization that makes it possible for contemporary artists to create high quality work and bring those projects to the public. MAPP nurtures artists through all stages of their creative process; places their works on stages worldwide; and devises innovative ways for the public to learn about artists’ unique role in society and increase their appreciation for diverse perspectives and cultures. MAPP places highest value upon the important role of the artist in society; dialogue and global exchange, and artists as conduits for these conversations; art that expands our world view and challenges its audiences; and innovation and experimentation in the creation of art and its presentation to multiple publics. MAPP builds sustainable and continually evolving international networks between artists, arts organizers, presenters and public communities through research, workshops, residencies, performances and the production and touring of new work.