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About Us

Team Kids' mission is to strengthen community collaborations that empower young people to be responsible, resilient citizens with a passion for service, through innovative school-based and community service programs.

We do this through a three tiered program:

First, kids of all ages are invited to join our family friendly community projects to set up a baseline of service. Our main community project is called LemonAID™, and was created after Hurricane Katrina as a vehicle for kids to show their support for the kids in New Orleans. Over the years, it has allowed kids from all over the US to raise over $90,000 for organizations like the Red Cross and the United Way!

Second, we have become an integrated part of the Irvine Unified School District Through our Elementary School “Team Kids Challenge” Program. Team Kids staff implements this school-based service program alongside police and firefighters to inspire students to help others. While serving, students develop the values and skills that enable them to make positive choices in their own lives, while making a difference in the lives of others. Since its inception in 2001, more than 45,000 students have participated in the Team Kids Challenge, donating more than $400,000 of valued resources to charitable causes. To honor the philanthropic spirit of the kids, 100 percent of all youth-generated donations are passed through to community charities.

Lastly, we engage the leaders that were empowered by our programs through hands on service, leadership development, and in-depth project management training. All this is done in the youth directed and youth led “Team Kids Youth Council.” Currently, the Team Kids Youth Council participates in monthly service-related activities to support the Team Kids organization and other local charities such as The Ronald McDonald House, LaundryLove, Corazon, Human Options and more. Members run their own meetings, plan their own events and activities, and create lasting bonds with other members through service. Our goal is to develop young people into lifelong contributors to their communities by giving them the tools they need to act on the social issues that they care about.

As these programs grow, we believe that they will lay the ground work for a more productive and socially conscious generation of adults that both want to make the world a better place and have the skills to do it.