11-th August 4


About Us

Our mission is to change the mentality of the public administration and to create arrangement for working transparently and public engaged. Our understanding is, that when an idea is bulking from outside through the pressure of the public, the administration often resists to this pressure. That is why NALILG works with the most active part of the public administration - the jurists, whom NALILG confides expectation inside the suits of the administration and in the same time, as institution register in public interest, NALILG practices pressure from outside as organization of citizen’s community.NALILG members are jurists, working in the field of local government and central government public administration in the Republic of Bulgaria. Members of the organization are lawyers and legal advisers of the municipalities, members of Parliament, mayors, city administrators. They cover over 90 % of the municipalities in Bulgaria. Members are also legal advisors of the Ministry of Agriculture and Forrest, Ministry of Economic, Ministry of Regional Development and Public Utilities, Ministry of Ecology and other public institutions including the regional government offices.