Turkish Philanthropy Funds

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216 East 45th Street
7th Floor/AIF
New York
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About Us

TPF's mission is to help put together donors' philanthropic goals with community needs in Turkey and in the US. While making goals meet needs, TPF also supports innovative humanitarian projects that have the potential to create social change. We know that there is no single or simple answer to how social innovation occurs. We understand that social change is the result of a tremendously complex mix of ingredients: conditions (social, cultural, economic and environmental) and individual actors colliding to spark world-changing ideas. Therefore, to understand these conditions and to stimulate idea creation, we build relationships with everyone we collaborate with from grantees to strategic partners.

Our experience and trajectory tells us we are on the right path. As social change agents, we are committed to refining our theory and practice, and to sharing these discoveries with the broader community. While doing that, our main focus is: - To increase the effectiveness of resources that strive to empower individuals, strengthen communities, and create a lasting impact for future generations. - To provide the upmost flexibility in creating tailored solutions for donors in achieving their philanthropic goals. - To practice and promote trust and transparency in our business processes, as well as among our grantee partners. - To maximize the value of the donors' contributions by ensuring at least 97% of philanthropic dollars reach the specific cause. - To work closely with grantee partner organizations to monitor and evaluate the impact of philanthropic investments.