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About Us

Evolve was founded in the spring of 2011 by a group of Bay Area activists looking for a way to get beyond the current political mess. From Washington, D.C.'s failure to work together to fix mounting problems, to perennial budget fights in Sacramento, to ideological battles at City Hall, all levels of government and public life are suffering from the same problem. Politicians, the media, and many activists are too concerned about winning the next election or on the horserace of politics. As this goes on, real problems go unsolved: 50 million Americans lack access to affordable healthcare, unemployment is still incredibly high, and our public education system is being dismantled.

Evolve was founded in the belief that there's a better way. Most of the significant problems we face have established, effective solutions that are not being implemented because of political infighting or the power of special interests. The answer is clear: we need to hold politicians accountable, through grassroots issue-advocacy and elections, to real results that actually move our society forward. And that's what Evolve does. Through effective, smart, long-term organizing we know we can make a difference and ultimately, leave our world a better place than we found it. Evolve to something better.