Help the Cambodian Children

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About Us

Help the Cambodian Children is a not-for-profit, non-governmental and non-religious charity organisation, founded in February 2003, by a group of like-minded people who saw a dire need to help children in Cambodia. While the Charity's main office is based in the UK, our Project, Bomnong L'or (The Goodwill Centre), is located in Sihanoukville, a coastal town on the southern west tip of Cambodia.

The center functions as a tool with which to alleviate poverty in the local area (poverty being defined as lack of both physical means and opportunities). It is a crucial part of the community there, supporting over one hundred children and their families. We are located in Sangkat 2, an inner city slum area of Sihanoukville. The children and families we work with live in very poor conditions and survive on very little income.

The center provides good quality education for these underprivileged children who would otherwise have to rely on the meagre public schooling available in Cambodia. The center currently offers English, Khmer, Maths and Computer (including internet) classes. On top of this the center offers a place of stability for children who often have difficult home lives. It allows our students to explore their creativity through play, art, dance and sport in a safe and supportive environment. The combination of education, stimulation and support for children, who are often otherwise left all alone, really is life changing.

The center supports the community in other ways too. Providing free English and computer lessons for adults in the evenings, uniforms for children to attend public school, basic medical support (along with support costs of intensive medical treatment), nutritional support in the form of food drops, and is a place which local people can turn to for help and advice.