The Kids Prioritized Initiative

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Zzana - Entebbe Road

About Us

The Kids Prioritized Initiative (KPI)seeks to provide educations for the children of Uganda...There are over 30 million people living in Uganda. 5 million are orphaned children. AIDS has wiped out an entire generation of parents, forcing children to fend for themselves. School is a privilege, and many children cannot afford school fees without help. Thousands of children never receive an education. No education. No job. No HOPE. We currently support a few children. We want to make sure all their basic needs are met and each of them needs to be enrolled in either a local village school, boarding school, up to university. Our goal is to secure the futures of even more children in Uganda. How can you help? Spread the word and tell their stories. If you know a community group, church or school that would be willing to allow us to come and speak, please let us know.