The African Dream Initiative, Inc.

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About Us

The African Dream Initiative (ADI) gives promising but disadvantaged children the resources to become Africa’s future leaders. We provide quality education and help them build the skills they need to make their communities places where dreams can come true.

ADI is dedicated to transforming the lives of children in East Africa who have the talent and motivation to succeed but lack the opportunity. ADI locates bright children living on the edges of society—including AIDS orphans, former child soldiers, abducted girls, child laborers, and refugees; provides them with leadership training, counseling, and a support structure of people who care deeply about their well-being; and then sends them to the best private schools in Uganda.

With the resources ADI provides, our students are able to succeed against incredible odds. They assimilate, earn top grades, and become leaders among their classmates. Most importantly, ADI’s students are empowered to provide for themselves and for others.

We serve these children because we believe that the best way to build a stronger Africa is to foster future African leaders from diverse backgrounds. We provide our talented and motivated students with the skills, education and resources they need to become leaders in their own communities, creating a cycle of success.