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Introduction: “Without counsel purposes are disappointed, but in the multitude of counselors they are established.” Too many of our youth are disproportionately failing but worse than that, they are being left and forgotten. Making It Happen does not believe in lost causes. We believe in being a fighting force for our youth and a constant source of support.

Survey of the Problem: The problem is that it takes a village to raise a child and right now our villages and subsequently our children are struggling. Today’s youth are trapped in a cycle of unfortunate circumstances and lost hope. Our children have no concept of the possibilities and options the world possesses for them and that it is a problem we refuse to remain unresolved. Making It Happen strives to rebuild a village of Safety, Support and Success.

Organization Description: This organization exists to enlighten and embrace our struggling youth. We aim to eliminate problems by providing solutions. We are a program of action not suggestion. We exist to Make It Happen for our youth and our communities in every way that we possibly can through our following core programs:

Tag Team is a program that partners our volunteers with elementary schools to assist as teacher aids, in school suspension coordinators and run after-school mentoring programs.

Misfit Safe House is a program that, until we have our own facilities, will be run out of our recreation centers to provide students with after-school and weekend activities, as well as Big-Brother Big-Sister programs.

Idle Hands is a program where we partner with the city and local businesses to create jobs for high school students.

Fallen Angels is our teen drug abuse program and run-away program.

Having Fun While Raising Funds is our fundraising program that engages the community in our efforts to raise funds while making amazing memories. Programs vary from flag football tournaments to skateboarding competitions, to a father-son derby race.

Captain of My Life is a program that uses the art of sailing as a method to teach strength, discipline, team work, leadership, accountability & responsibility to the youth of our country.

General Goals: Making It Happen’s goals are to form successful partnerships with DCPS and Parks and Recreation to supply our youth with programs and opportunities that will provide them with an amazing present and prepare them for a successful future. In the long run, we aim to raise the funds necessary to open our own facilities and become a rock and guiding star for the communities and youth of Washington, D.C.