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About Us

Our main goal is to create consciousness about the Millenium Development Goals (MDG’s) in children and young adolescents in a healthy, inclusive, and fun way. In a dynamic environment children learn about the MDG’s through games that involve physical activity, and at the same time venerate diversity and cultural richness of different Mexican communities. To achieve our goal, we work under 3 axes: 1. Generate consciousness about the 8 MDG’s. 2. Promote healthy habits (i.e. physical activity, a balanced diet, hygiene). 3. Exalt Mexico’s cultural diversity through the bond of children from different backgrounds that are participating in the program. DpC promotes consciousness about global challenges linked to local realities, in the fields of health and prevention, environment, education and national culture. Simultaneously, the program seeks to incite and encourage the passion for physical activity in children, advocating healthy lifestyles. It offers an alternative to generate awareness and to attend the serious problems in children’s health such as the excessive inclination toward obesity (Mexico is ranked first in child obesity), the increasing cases of diabetes, the issues of childhood nutrition, and sedentary lifestyles. DpC endeavors to generate consciousness that will change habits early on, in order to prevent and to combat these problems.