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About Us


The American Youth Foundation inspires people to discover and develop their personal best, to seek balance in mental, physical, social and spiritual living and to make a positive difference in their communities and in the wider world.

Who we are

AYF Merrowvista is a nonprofit youth development organization that engages thousands of youth in programming year-round at our beautiful campus in the Ossipee Mountains in New Hampshire. Youth ages 5-18 from across the country, and even internationally, come to Merrowvista for community and school programs, summer camps, leadership conferences, and other events to experience a mission that helps them discover the best in themselves. Since 1925, we have been inspiring people to discover the richness of the natural environment, the power of creating positive community, and the rewards of self-discovery.

Community & School Programs

Throughout the academic year the American Youth Foundation serves thousands of youth, educators and youth advocates through our Community and School Programs. These programs are designed to enhance not only participants' skills but also their confidence in themselves and their future. American Youth Foundation programs help participants develop their character and their connections to the wider world. Our outstanding staff work to create communities where youth feel supported and empowered.

The pristine Ossipee Mountains in which Merrowvista is nestled set the stage for participants to open their minds to new ways of seeing themselves and one another. Participants create a community where respect, cooperation, and kindness serve as a guide for all interactions. Our staff help create opportunities for youth to practice our motto, "My own self, At my very best, All the time", and our programs encourage participants to take on challenges and real responsibility as they live, play and learn together. While they are here, young people discover who they are and what they are capable of achieving.

Summer Programs

The summer is a very busy season for the American Youth Foundation. We welcome thousands of youth from around the country to our beautiful site at Merrowvista to participate in our summer camp programs. Several hundred seasonal staff members also join us as we gear up to challenge participants to a summer they'll never forget.

Motto and logo

Our motto is My own self, At my very best, All the time. We incorporate this into every program and every experience at Miniwanca and Merrowvista. This mission takes us beyond the traditional camp experience by challenging our participants to truly unlock their highest potential and realize that they have unique gifts that can affect the world around them in a positive way. Our hope is that every person that is immersed in the American Youth Foundation experience will carry this motto of "Best Self" with them throughout their lives and share this gift with others as well.

The logo represents the way we practice our motto. We call this the "Four Folds," and they represent the physical, mental, religious/spiritual, and social pillars of our lives. We believe it is important to experience and develop each "fold" in an intentional way.