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About Us

UnLtdWorld is aimed at connecting social entrepreneurs, social innovators, socially-minded people and organisations that invest their efforts in changing the world for the better, and enabling these audiences to find and share targeted information.

Most social networks are built around relevance of contacts and broadcast information within circles of acquaintances. UnLtdWorld is about commonality of purpose: fostering new connections and matching information through the power of community and relevance of context and content.

We don’t view social entrepreneurship, or more broadly “doing good”, as a special interest. UnLtdWorld is established on the principle that social entrepreneurship is a complex market with specific dynamics and changing the world for the better is a mission – it defines who you are.

UnLtdWorld isn’t about retaining eyeballs in front of a computer, nor do we want to duplicate or substitute real world dynamics. UnLtdWorld aims to complement and add value to the array of fantastic positive action and efforts happening around the planet, and thereby enable even greater impact. UnLtdWorld is driven by a constant dissatisfaction with the way the world is and by the realization that many people want to change the world for the better, and given access to proper tools, they will. UnLtdWorld wants to be one of those tools.

In parallel to fostering a vibrant community, UnLtdWorld aims to help build the capacity of social entrepreneurship, and enhance the efficiency of relations between social entrepreneurs, relevant stakeholders and the general public. We aim to do this mainly through the UnLtdWorld Research Lab, the world's most powerful mapping and graphing of social entrepreneurship, and of social and environmental issues. Through the Research Lab, UnLtdWorld provides critical social insight. Anyone, no matter their size, can access, use and take advantage of this platform, and by doing so co-create even greater value.

Our efforts, passion and enthusiasm is in providing the most powerful possible platform to support the true innovators and enablers of positive impact – those that in unexpected ways can change the way the world is.