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About Us

The “5-7 Mission” is not a new initiative of the All Sports Association, but rather a refocus of who we are as an organization. Oklahoma City All Sports was founded in 1957 and is one of the oldest sports commissions in the country, with more than 50-plus years of great service to the Oklahoma City community. The “5-7 Mission” is based on the Five Principles which encompass the Seven Attributes of our organization.

Five Principles

Our mission is to SECURE, PROMOTE, CREATE, EXECUTE, and HOST quality, family-oriented amateur sporting events in the state of Oklahoma.

  1. SECURE: Oklahoma City All Sports Association secures quality sporting events for our city and the state. We constantly look toward the next great event.
  2. PROMOTE: Our organization brings athletes, alumni and fans together, promoting the spirit of sportsmanship, athleticism and competition.
  3. CREATE: Oklahoma City All Sports Association creates new, family-oriented events, which enhance excitement and bring prestige to the community.
  4. EXECUTE: With help from other entities, Oklahoma City All Sports builds quality events.
  5. HOST: Oklahoma City All Sports Association executes its events with precision and hospitality unique to our community.

Seven Attributes

As the Five Principles are the foundation of who Oklahoma City All Sports Association is as an organization, the Seven Attributes are the results of our hard work. Oklahoma City All Sports has had a great effect on Oklahoma City since its inception in 1957 and will continue to strive to make an even greater impact in the future.

  1. TOURISM: The events hosted by Oklahoma City All Sports bring a great number of visitors to our great state and give Oklahoma a chance to showcase the hospitality and charm unique to our community. The number of people who stay the nights in our hotels, visit restaurants and other main attractions, benefit our state greatly.
  2. QUALITY OF LIFE: The events hosted by Oklahoma City All Sports energize the community and bring the entertainment and buzz that only quality sporting events can bring.
  3. ECONOMIC IMPACT: The All Sports Association brings in an estimated $30 - $70 million into the economy each year. An event like the Big 12 Basketball Championships can bring in 45 million new dollars to the city in one week! Impact like this allows for other new businesses to thrive in our community.
  4. CONFIDENCE: Securing and executing quality sporting events creates confidence in Oklahoma City as a city that can support and host big-name events. Oklahoma City has a bright future and the All Sports Association has a big role in helping our city grow to its full potential.
  5. MEMORIES: The All Sports Association has a rich history of creating exciting moments that turn into lasting memories. These memories become woven into the fabric of our community and are a part of who we are.
  6. COMMUNITY GROWTH: The All Sports Association is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. The sporting events hosted by the All Sports Association bring the community together to support one great cause. We are invested in the talent of this state and take pride in being able to give back to the community. Being able to make a positive impact on our community and help it grow motivates our staff to perform to the highest degree.
  7. HEALTHY ACTIVE LIFESTYLE: Sports encourage healthy competition and promote an active lifestyle. We take great pride in knowing that our events have a positive effect on the community and set a great example to future generations.